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The Hikari website uses cookies to help improve your user experience whilst visting us. Whilst visiting the Hikari website we presume you want us to provide you with the best experience possible, as such we consider implied consent of the use of Cookies from each user when navigating our site.

What are cookies?

Cookies have a variety of purposes, helping to remember your shopping cart contents on an e-commerce site, where you are whilst navigating a website. Cookies are there to help the website remember who you are. You wouldn't want to sign in to you favourite website and have it forget you, and then have to login again on every page? Cookies are also used by some advertisers to target their campaigns by using your location, or previous site's you have visted. 

Which Cookies do we use?

At Hikari we use cookies to remember certain information and analytical data so we can see how our website is performing:

  • Google Analytics Cookies - To see how our website is doing and how people have found us
  • User Cookies - For tracking pages used by logged in users and the dates they were used, remembering that you are logged in on the site

How to disable cookies?

If you are concerned about our website storing information in cookies whilst here, you can disable, block and delete cookies from your individual browser settings.

Web browser cookies:

You can restrict, block and delete cookies by using the Help section of your chosen browser, this will give you details on how to control your cookies. Alternatively, you can view a comprehensive listing of cookie control methods for each browser at

Please remember that by disabling cookies you will lose some of the functionality of the Hikari website, the Client Login sysem for example won't be available.


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